Class Descriptions

Bellydance is a natural, elegant, earth-bound dance. The classes are categorized according to the “elements” of nature to ensure flow and confidence. Bellydance is an ancient art form created by women, for women. Girls of ALL ages need to feel a sense of strength and beauty by learning self-confidence, self-control, self-improvement and full body awareness.

My goal is to maintain an environment that encourages and supports personal growth and promotes a sense of empowerment.

Awakening Awakening- the foundation, isolation of the different muscle groups, introduction to the basic movements of bellydance to “awaken” the mind and the body
Earth Earth- building on a firm foundation, strengthening posture and roots, expanding the earth-bound dance techniques
Wind Wind- begin traveling with movements, simple combinations, veil work, focus on poise, elegance and full body awareness
Water Water- expanding freedom, self-expression, layering movements, zills, creativity, learning to flow along the path of the music
Fire Fire- fun and high energy, focus on a cardio workout while maintaining grace and poise, reviewing techniques learned in previous classes at a fast and furious rate
MagicCarpet Magic Carpet Riders- ages 12 and under.  Reinforce and strengthen posture, balance, coordination of both small and large muscle groups,  expand on dance skills and fun group choreography to both traditional and modern music . Please call for more information: 407-808-2529
OasisGems Itty Bitty Bellies-  (ages 3-5) – Learn posture, balance, coordination of both small and large muscle groups, basic dance skills and group activities.  

Please call for more information: 407-808-2529

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